Advantage Gold Review

Advantage Gold Review

Advantage Gold

Advantage Gold

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            • Good customer service
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            • New to the Gold IRA industry
            • Lacks information directly on website

            Our Advantage Gold Review – A Larry Levin Company

            Advantage Gold is a gold IRA company founded in 2014 and based in Los Angeles, California. The company CEO is Larry Levin, who has more than 20 years of extensive experience in the gold IRA industry. The company was established in mid 2014, which would be considered a negative factor when it comes to investing in a gold IRA company. Many individuals prefer to invest in a company that has a long track record of satisfying their customers. Even though the company is relatively new to the gold IRA market, its CEO Larry Levin has all round experience in the gold IRA industry. Hence we thought of performing some extensive research about the company, and providing a comprehensive review of Advantage Gold.

            The company website is quite professional but it lacks vital information such as not mentioning the management team behind the operation. True that the founder and the co-founder names were included in the website, but an investor would prefer to know more about the company they are planning to invest their hard earned money. It would have been nice if the company gave more details about its management team on their website. This would definitely help more investors to favorably think in terms of investing in the company. This is one gray area which should be rectified by the company if they plan to attract more investments in the future.

            Company Credibiblity

            BBB A RatingThe company is having an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau of America. This is due to the fact that the company is relatively new in the market. There have not been any customer complaints about the company so far. But we cannot guarantee the trustworthiness of the company just because they do no have any negative reviews after 3 months in operation. In reality, it is too early to judge Advantage Gold right now. In fact, there are other reputed gold IRA companies that have been in business for decades and still possessing A+ ratings with the BBB. These companies have very few customer complaints for all the time they were in operation. Most of the cases that were opened against these companies have already been settled by these companies and closed thereafter. Hence the A- BBB rating of Advantage Gold doesn’t really say much about the trustworthiness of the company, at least for the time being.

            Trustlink ReviewsThe company has a good rating with Trustlink. They have a 5-star rating with 15 reviews up to now. Then again, 15 reviews is not quite sufficient to build 100% trust in dealing with the company. But you don’t need to be too suspicious when dealing with the company since there have not been any harsh criticisms about the company either. It is always better to do your own research in this direction before investing your hard earned money since the company doesn’t have a long history in gold IRA dealings. You can call some of their past customers to verify the quality of services offered by Advantage Gold.

            Business Consumer Alliance ReviewThe Business Consumer Alliance has rated the company with an A, with just one customer review. The highest rating given by the BCA is an AAA. Hence the company should plan to improve their ratings with the BCA at least in the near future. The BCA’s A rating with one customer review is not enough to recommend the company outrightly. Hence investing in the company should be done on your own risk. We are not trying to discourage you from investing in Advantage Gold. We are cautioning you to do your own research before investing in the company purely due to the fact that the company has been in business only for three months up to now.

            Customer Service and Product Offering

            The customer service of the company is quite OK. Many customers have spoken good of their customer service. The majority of clients have said that the customer service staff of the company were extremely helpful in solving their problems. The promotional materials of the company are spoken highly of by their clients. The company gets full marks in this aspect. The company offers many products such as bullion bars, numismatic coins, bullion coins, e-commerce facilities, 401 K plans and investment vehicles.

            Associated Costs

            We could not find any information with regards to the minimum investment amount with Advantage Gold. The website doesn’t provide clear information here. They don’t provide much information about gold storage facilities either. These are some of the negative points for the company. Even though we have searched high and low for information on the fees and costs of doing business with Advantage Gold, but such information too were sadly lacking. This information should be included in their website for the easy reference of clients. These are some aspects that should be improved by the company if they are planning to attract reputed investors to their business.

            Concluding Thoughts On Advantage Gold

            All in all, we don’t recommend Advantage Gold for investing your hard earned money due to many reasons. The first and most important reason is that the company is relatively new to business with only 3 months in operation. Lack of vital information in their website is another reason that we hesitate to recommend them outrightly. Then whom do we recommend?

            Our Recommendation

            Regal Assets Review




            Regal Assets is undoubtedly the best gold IRA company to invest your hard earned money. The company has some of the best ratings by industry watchdogs. Regal Assets is ranked #20 in the U.S. for Financial Services and #24 for the fastest growing company in Los Angeles in the 2013 Inc. Magazine. They hold an A+ rating with the BBB. An A+ rating with Trustlink with over 500 customer reviews, which is quite an awesome achievement for a financial company. They also have an AAA rating with the BCA. The company also has a buy-back program where you are able to sell your precious metal to the company if you plan to liquidate them. These are some of the salient features of Regal Assets which is not available with any other gold IRA company operating today. This is why I recommend Regal Assets with 100% conviction.