Rosland Capital Review

Rosland Capital Review

Rosland Capital

Rosland Capital

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            My Rosland Capital Review

            Rosland Capital is another reputed precious metal company in the U.S., which helps its clients to purchase physical gold or rollover their IRA into gold. The company was established in 2008 in Santa Monica. The company’s catalog lists many precious metals it deals with such as gold, silver, palladium and platinum. This company is fairly new to the precious metal market. This is why, I decided to perform extensive research before making the decision to invest in such a company. The company is barely 5 years into business, which is not a long history compared to other established companies dealing with precious metals.

            Even though there are many precious metals investment companies in the U.S. not all of them are created equal. This is the very reason why you should be extra cautious when selecting the best company to invest your hard earned money. You will have to perform extensive research on the companies before deciding to invest in a particular precious metals company. We have come across many instances where people have lost their hard earned money by investing in scam and fraudulent precious metals companies. This is one of the main reasons that led us to perform extensive research on Rosland Capital for the benefit of the clients who plan to invest in this precious metals company. Our research is mainly based on the credibility of the company, the customer service, background and the feasibility of investing in the Rosland Capital.

            Credibility of Rosland Capital

            BBB A+ RatingBusiness Consumer Alliance Review

            Rosland Capital has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). However the company has 19 complaints also with the BBB of which 7 have been closed in the last 12 months. This is an important factor to consider before deciding to invest with the group. The Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) grades Rosland Capital with an AAA rating with 4 complaints filed against the company. The also has a few complaints against the company, which will dent the credibility of the company to a certain extent. The company is still considered credible to invest with even though there are a few negative factors as listed above.

            One of the most disturbing factors about the company is the lack of real customer reviews on the web and important forums relating to investing in precious metals. We have searched high and low on the web and could not find enough information about the opportunities provided by the company. There are not many positive reviews about the company either. If you look at the reviews on Trustlink they do not give you a warm and fuzzy feeling about Rosland Capital. This is a cause for concern when you decide to invest in Rosland Capital Group. We are not discouraging you from investing in the company but only warning you to do your own research before taking that important decision to invest your hard earned money in Rosland Capital.Trustlink Reviews

            The company lists many precious metals on its catalog. Platinum, gold, silver and palladium are some of these metals. But most customers complained that the company only offered gold when they went to invest in it. The company catalog lists bullion bars, numismatics and coins too. But some customers reported that numismatics were the only coins available.

            The law of the United States doesn’t allow customers to take possession of gold invested in a gold IRA account. They can only do it if they wish to pay taxes on it. As such, the precious metals purchased should be stored in IRS-approved inventories and third-party custodians. Rosland informs their customers that they can store precious metals in bulk form, which will not go well with most of their customers. This means that your metals will be stored with the products of other customers. Most customers would prefer their metals to be segregated and stored separately. This is another negative factor when you decide to purchase precious metals with Rosland.

            Rosland’s Customer Support

            The customer support of Rosland Capital has many positive comments to their credit. The customer service representatives have helped many of their customers to choose wisely when investing in Rosland Capital. The customer support staff have helped clients to solve their problems quite effectively. There are some reports which says that the company is delaying shipping precious metals to their customers. There are some customers who claim that the customer service agents were rude at times. Even though the company promises to deliver the products within 10-days after purchasing. Some customers have said that they received the product before 10-days while others say they did not receive the product even after the 10-days passed. This is a matter of concern when deciding to invest with the company.

            Rosland Capital Fee Structure

            Rosland is reported to charge a 20% commission of the gold it sells. This has made many customers review the company negatively. Customers claim that the percentage charged by the company is much higher than what is charged by other reputed companies in the industry.

            Rosland LLC. enables its customers to add gold to their IRAs. Precious metal backed IRAs are more secure than other accounts since the gold prices are climbing steadily within the last couple of years. The ability of gold to offset economic turmoil and stock market crashes are quite great. This is why, there are more and more customers who are interested in gold IRA rollovers with Rosland Capital. But the charges involved in gold IRA rollovers are much higher when compared to other reputed gold IRA companies. This is one factor which discourages customers from investing in gold IRAs with Rosland Capital.

            Final Analysis

            The aforementioned is a comprehensive review of Rosland Capital Group. I did not choose to go with Rosland Capital because 1.) they have a limited selection of gold bullion and other precious metals, 2.) there were just too many customer reviews referring to them basically as scam and con artists, and 3.) I personally got a bad vibe from the information I gathered. That is why I recommend that you seriously consider my recommended gold IRA company, Regal Assets.

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