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            Information On Schiff Gold, formerly Euro Pacific Precious Metals LLC

            Schiff Gold, formerly Euro Pacific Precious Metals LLC, was founded in the year 2010 by renowned gold expert and economic forecaster, Peter Schiff. This company is dedicated to the theory that owning physical silver or gold are important elements for any investors portfolio. They are based in NY city and the company is well managed by gold investor and successful entrepreneur, Michael Freedman.

            Schiff Gold offers bullion, silver and gold coins in ‘standard’ denominations.
            The company draws from the previous years of success in various financial industries and aims to provide their clients with superior quality bullion and coins and competitive and fair prices. They pride themselves on a a straightforward methodology, integrity, openness and fair dealings. In their three years of recent business they have already excelled in their initial projections.

            Peter Schiff states that any investor should have at least between 5 and 10 percent of physical silver and gold coins or bullion in their portfolios. This is tangible wealth that is not subjected to unwarranted intrusions, registration or confiscation by the government. Precious metals in physical are one of the best forms of insurance policies in today’s world. There is no other type of investment available today that can offer this type of financial privacy and at the same time preventing counterparty risk. Precious metals don’t depend on stock exchange, a bank or a court.


            Euro Pacific Precious Metals LLC offers the most world renowned silver coins and liquid gold, like the Australian Philharmonics, South African Krugerrands, Australian Kangaroos, ‘Canadian’ Maple Leafs and American Eagles. This company advises against the purchase of numismatic or exotic coins for the purposes of investments. They believe that commissions related to these products are generally high and the liquidity is very often limited.

            Their bars and coins are their products that attract the highest sales and you won’t find any special editions, proof sets or numismatic coins as they don’t believe in recommending such products to their serious investors.

            Recently , the company started a partnership with BitPay, This allows bitcoin users to sell physical silver and gold. The steps involved in a ‘bitcoin’ transaction involves the following:

            -Customers are able to contact a ‘Precious Metals Specialist’ directly in order to lock in and confirm a price on products to purchase. These transactions are done over the phone in order to maintain personal relations between the client and the company to make sure the orders are processed correctly and quickly.

            -Once the price is agreed on and locked in, the customer receives a confirmation email directly from BitPay. This email contains the instructions and receipt. The instructions include how to transfer ‘bitcoin’ to ‘BitPay’. The customer has fifteen minutes to execute this transfer on the price that was agreed upon.

            The shipment of the metals takes place once BitPay deposits the funds into the Schiff Gold bank account. This generally takes around 2 business days.

            -Bitcoin transactions are treated the same as any normal transaction and will require tax reporting. The company advises that their customers talk with their accountants for additional information.

            Getting Started With Schiff Gold

            The way to get started with this company is to consult with one of the highly qualified ‘Precious Metals Specialists’. Each of their specialists know the metals markets well and are well acquainted with the financial and economic outlook this underpins the approach of the global markets. Every specialist are able to provide customers with the outlook on all the ‘precious metals’ markets along with advice on which bullion or coins are recommended.

            Placing Orders

            The specialists at Schiff Gold assist customers in building up an allocation for metals. In addition, they provide suggestions on the different types of bars or bullion coins. Once the specifications of the order are finalized, the specialist sends out an email on the specifications of the insurance, shipping, costs and purchase as well as detailed payment instructions.


            The full payment needs to be done by check or wire transfer and will be made directly into Schiff Gold account. Once the order is placed, the client receives an email that contains the ‘sale confirmation’ and payment instructions. Orders that are paid in by wire usually take around one to four hours. For checks the company is required to wait at least five business days. Orders that are paid in by check will take additional time before they can reach shipment stage.


            The shipment is done by FedEx or ‘US’ Postal Service and all orders are fully insured. The processing of all orders takes around 2 days and the actual shipping takes around two to four days. The shipments can be made to most overseas locations and are done quickly and professionally.


            As with anything you are looking to purchase, we always recommend doing your own research.  Here’s a case where you may need to actually call the company directly and talk to them.  We could not find tons of information on Schiff Gold like the rest of the gold IRA companies we reviewed.  Here are a couple of testimonials from satisified customers that we found on their website:

            • “Over the past several years my wife and I had purchased gold and silver from a number of companies and, quite frankly, were never totally comfortable with the way they pushed numismatic coins. After we placed an order for Double Eagles with Euro Pacific Precious Metals, you called me back and explained how we could get a better price for Maple Leafs because of the surcharge imposed by the US Mint on Double Eagles. Then I faxed to you the list of numismatic coins I had purchased from other companies, and your appraiser actually made us a better offer for exchanging the coins for more Maple Leafs. I extol the virtues of Euro Pacific Precious Metals to whomever I get the chance.”
              – John S.
            • “Euro Pacific Precious Metals is not one of the ‘name brand’ gold sellers one hears about constantly on TV. But I follow Peter’s commentary on the market and his thoughts on gold, and felt I would give his company a try. I’m glad I did. While others tout ‘Get your gold in ten days or less,’ I received mine the NEXT day! This type of customer service is just great, and the automated reminders and confirmations make it extremely easy to do business. From what I’ve experienced so far, I’m pleased with having chosen Euro Pacific Precious Metals. Thanks.”
              – Bob M.

            I also found this website that speaks of a good experience with the company:

            At the present date and time of this review, there is no BBB, Trustlink, or Business Consumer Alliance ratings.  However, there are ratings on Peter Schiff’s other company, Euro Pacific Capital, that you may consider in your decision making process.  Euro Pacific Capital is an SEC registered investment advisor company. So for this review we gave the company a rating of 7 based on what we found on Euro Pacific Capital.